Synagogue Jewish 'Chabad' religious community

Synagogue of the Jewish religious community “Chabad”

Synagogue of the Jewish religious community “Chabad”

Type: social purpose

Location: Sevastopol, Vosstavshie square.

Customer: RO “Jewish Religious Community “Chabad

General characteristics: The Synagogue

Types of work: designing

Period of execution of work: 2011

Technical characteristics:

Spatial planning and the composite of the building reflects the unity of two components: spiritual and social

The vertical composition is directly related to the urban situation: a series of terraces, rhythmically aligned along the highway, st. Streletsky descent, heading towards the sea

The upper terrace – the cultural and business center on the square, a terrace – a memorial to “the victims of the Holocaust”, a terrace – the territory of building, terrace – the Square

The structural layout of the building is frame connected carcass

Structures are solved in monolithic reinforced concrete

The rigidity of the building in vertical planes is provided by apertures in longitudinal and transverse direction, in horizontal plane by disk overlaps


Synagogue is a center of spiritual and social life of the Jews:

  • Place of assembly
  • place the discussion of public affairs

The data about the object:

Category:Public facilities

Years of construction:2011

Address: г. Севастополь, пл. Восставших

Types of work: Engineering

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