Residential complex "Belaia akatciia"— low-rise masterpiece by the sea.

Residential house “Belaya Aкacia” in Mukachevsky Lane, 4c

Residential house “Belaya Aкacia” in Mukachevsky Lane, 4c Residential house “Belaya Aкacia” in Mukachevsky Lane, 4c Residential house “Belaya Aкacia” in Mukachevsky Lane, 4c
Жилой комплекс «Белая акация»Жилой комплекс «Белая акация»Жилой дом «Белая акация»Жилой дом «Белая акация»Жилой комплекс «Белая акация»

Residential house “Belaya Aкacia” in Mukachevsky Lane, 4c

Type: residential real estate Location: Odessa, Mukachevsky Lane, 4v (Primorsky district) General characteristics: residential house Types of work: construction and designing Period of execution of work: the object is under construction. Completion is scheduled on 4th quarter 2012

Technical characteristics:

Residential house “Belaya Akacia” is a modern house in the historic center of the city, which allows to enjoy the charm of Odessa, with its unique architecture, while maintaining the highest level of comfort and quality of housing The morning breeze brings in the freshness of seaside and park complex, located in close vicinity The combination of these qualitiest is making the location of the house exceptional The house is also featured by a small number of apartments – there are only 28 of them. The possibility of redevelopment gives the customer creative approach to the arrangement of the apartment, showing maximum of fantasy The upper floor apartments are equipped with spacious terraces Presence of two-level underground parking for 28 parking spaces allows you to safely store personal vehicles of apartment owners and their guests Technical equipment of the house is produced by the world’s best manufacturers. To ensure qualitative and continuity heating double-circuit boilers are installed individually in each apartment “BUDOVA” construction company is selected as general contractor for construction of a dwelling house, “Belaya acacia” in Mukachevo lane 4B, has an excellent reputation. Te company is able to provide high quality of construction works – this is confirmed by the objects constructed by the company and already in operation:

These characteristics pose a residential house “Belaya akacia” in Mukachevsky lane, 4v, in the category of best offers of “Elite Class” property market in Odessa

Residential house “Belaya Akacia” in Mukachevsky Lane, 4v,  has one entrance, 28 apartments, two-level parking for 28 cars. Residential floor height is 3.6 m. The frame is made of reinforced concrete. Filling is aerated concrete. Exterior decoration is of modern building materials. Façade painting of high quality materials is envisaged. Windows are made of metal plastic, with energy-saving glass

Heating and ventilation

Heating is per-apartment, self-contained: installation of double-circuit boilers is envisaged in every apartment’s kitchen. Heating pipes are laid in the thickness of the floor. Vogel & Noot (Netherlands) radiators are taken as the heaters

Water supply and sewerage

On the entry in the apartment there are water-measuring components installed in cold water risers. Hot water supply is from double-circuit boiler. To provide residents with water in required amount, there is a pump booster installation

Electric equipment

To increase the comfort of the residential part of the building, an independent diesel power plant building is ebvisaged. Each apartment provides for installation of electronic meters. Provision for each apartment is made from copper wire

The data about the object:

Category:Residential real estate

Years of construction:2012

Address:Odessa, Mukachevsky Lane, 4v (Primorsky district)

Types of work: Engineering

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