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Residential complex “Arcadia Hills” in Arсadievsky Lane

Residential complex “Arcadia Hills” in Arсadievsky Lane Residential complex “Arcadia Hills” in Arсadievsky Lane Residential complex “Arcadia Hills” in Arсadievsky Lane Residential complex “Arcadia Hills” in Arсadievsky Lane
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Residential complex “Arcadia Hills” in Arсadievsky Lane

Type: Residential real estate Location: Odessa, Arсadievsky Lane, 9/1 (Primorsky district) General characteristics: residential complex with built-in facilities in the level of 1st floor and underground parking Activities: Construction and Designing Years of execution of work: commissioning of the object – 2012 The residential complex “Arcadia Hills” consists of 2 ten and 4 twelve-floor sections, which form “U” shaped volume with a patio, underground garage and built-in and attached facilities for public use on the 1st floor The main entrances to the residential area is organized only from the patio, and in public premises – from Arсadievsky Lane and passes organized Underground parking for 133 cars is divided into two compartments, each with dispersed entry / exit On 2-10,12 floors residential apartments with a central lobby are situated, as well as an elevator hall The volume of the building is visually divided into three parts – the stylobate, the bulk of the typical floors ending in a horizontal parapet element and a penthouse with open terraces and panoramic windows Specificity of the facades is provided by the intersection of active horizontal and vertical dominants, in a vertically protruding architectural elements and glazed loggias and horizontally dominant cornices separating the penthouse from the bulk of the building In the stylobate of the building there are premises for public use and the entrance to residential premises All sections have direct access to the underground floor, where a garage is available to residents of the complex The design concept of the constructed sections are buildings with monolithic reinforced concrete walls Load-bearing elements are longitudinal and transverse, and also end walls Overlapping are of monolithic reinforced concrete The foundations are of prismatic piles

Exterior walls:

1-4 Floors are of foam concrete, 300 mm thick On the floors above the insulated facade system is located


Facades are made of glass-filled with insulation (polystyrene). From the apartment side for added comfort and heat – aerated concrete masonry is arranged, 100 mm thick GRC is highly durable, elastic and plastic material, which is based on cement matrix and reinforced glass fiber segments, which are evenly distributed throughout the volume of concrete. It is environmentally friendly and safe material that meets requirements of Ukrainian and international standards for heat engineering, mechanical and fireproof properties, does not contain harmful ingredients and is classified as non-combustible materials

The partitions between the apartments are made of foam concrete stone with glue

The decoration of the facade is made of modern materials

Number of apartments – 339, including:

one-bedroom – 190 two -bedroom – 116 three-bedroom – 25 four-bedroom – 8 Total area of apartments: 27 184.20 m ²

Additional Information:

Elevators are made by the «OTIS»company


During the construction of the product of “AFB-ASPECT” were used, and also technology and products of «Bautech-Ukraine» is provided

The data about the object:

Category:Residential real estate

Address:Odessa, Arсadievsky Lane, 9/1 (Primorsky district)

Types of work: Engineering

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