Tunnel formwork for monolithic construction in Odessa

Tunnel Formwork

Строительство методом туннельной опалубки

The company “BUDOVA” is one of the first in Ukraine, that started building houses using the method of tunnel formwork

The tunnel formwork is a system that allows filling the walls and ceiling in a day cycle

With this system in high-speed construction, time of construction is significantly reduced compared to conventional techniques

Tunnel Formwork provides:

  • speed
  • quality
  • accuracy of monolithic construction
  • significant savings in finishing

High-tech production of steel formwork makes it durable and solid

The system allows to create effective load-bearing structures, which are considered the provide seismically resistance The main feature of the tunnel formwork is to transform the building process in almost industrial production by systematic repetitive work as a factory production, which leads to an increase in the efficiency of daily construction cycle To optimize the amount of formwork, equipment and labor, the overall process is divided into relatively equal stages of development, predominantly related to the daily pouring of concrete. For maximum efficiency, it is important that the daily stages were similar. Repeating the same stages save a lot of time at construction site, and workers know exactly what to do at any moment

“BUDOVA” is always studying a complete set of construction drawings

In order to reach the daily cycle and rapidly complete the construction the company provides formwork solution before the start of concrete work on site Through the tunnel formwork and detailed planning time is saved directly at the site

The company uses formwork systems:

  • Turkish company «MESSA»
  • German company «NOE»

The main advantages of using the tunnel formwork are:

  • speed of construction
  • self-control of the quality of geometric dimensions