30 лет СК «Будова»: рекордная выгода при покупке квартир! Подробнее


For over 20 years «BUDOVA» successfully performs the functions of general contractor

«BUDOVA» has developped communications with suppliers of materials, components and structures

The company performs all types of building works. «BUDOVA» has experience in painting and decorating.

The company is constantly focused on the introduction and application of new technologies, materials and structures:

  • construction of buildings with monolithic reinforced concrete frame with seismical resistance, allowing any choice of architectural and planning solutions, expressive plastic facades, saving on finishing work, the possibility of erecting buildings in cramped conditions with the use of universal formwork companies «PASCHAL», «PERI» и «NОЕ» (Germany), tunnel formwork «МЕSSА» (Turkey)
  • the implementation of huge designing tasks it successfully cooperates with developers such as «Ecostroy, ” «LIC», «Archproject MDM, ” «Grazhdanproekt», OGACA
  • experience in construction and renovation of the existing building
  • agreement of designing solutions in controlling city services

While acting as the general contractor, construction company «BUDOVA» provides:

  • preparation and monitoring of the general schedule of the site
  • development and optimization of the plan of financing the construction or reconstrustion
  • coordination of subcontractors
  • ensuring compliance with the technology of work on site
  • providing the necessary building material resources and equipment