Manufacturing self-leveling floors one of the directions of "Budova"

Industrial floors

One of the activities of “Bautech-Ukraine” is the production of self-leveling floors

Industrial floors are widely used in the construction of shopping malls, residential complexes, industrial buildings, etc. The company’s products “Bautech-Ukraine” is successfully operating in Ukraine for more than ten years and has certificates of quality, different high-performance, high strength and wear resistance, a choice of structure The company “Bautech-Ukraine” sells and installs not only industrial flooring, but also all the necessary equipment, and provides supervision and consulting

Types of products

1. Concrete industrial floors

Concrete floor is the most common type of overlaps that has gained popularity due to relatively low cost and high strength. Most often it is used in:

  • office buildings
  • insulation of the facade
  • hangars
  • warehouses and shops
  • the construction of residential buildings

The polymeric filler floors

These have higher, compared to concrete floors, technical specifications, look more aesthetically pleasant and can be done in different colors. This is an added advantage when laying in a crowded room:

  • trading floors
  • business centers, etc.

Polyurethane screeds

Type of polymer coatings, which have proven to be resistant to external influences, flexible and very durable: a term of exploitation is 20 years

Epoxy self-leveling floors

A good solution for objects that are familiar to changes in temperature and humidity. Also, they withstand hot water

The company “Bautech-Ukraine” guarantees European quality standards and service life of several decades without major repairs, no matter what kind of coverage for your business or home you choose:

  • concrete with a sealant
  • polyurethane
  • self-leveling epoxy flooring

In addition to these advantages, our floors:

  • are impermeable and do not collect dust
  • easy to use and clean
  • can be applied not only in the finishing room, but also on open spaces

2. Thin-layer coating

Thin coatings are applied to concrete floors with low or medium loads, with little mechanical influence on the surface.

The advantages of such coatings are:

  • protection of the basic concrete floor from damage
  • wear resistance
  • ease of use
  • economic benefits in the application

3. Decorative filler screeds

Decorative Press concrete

Technology of Press Concrete is in laying reinforced concrete and then using the relief of the mold, which can repeat the natural contours of stone, wood, brick or other materials. Depending on the style and design solutions, decorative concrete can be painted in any color

The characteristics of the material:

  • resistance to external environment, which is achieved by applying the final lacquer coating that allows a decorative filler floors to save good shape for decades
  • great look and a wide range of textures
  • lack of deformations and color fading for long term
  • short time of installation and minimal maintenance requirements save much time

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