Historical information about the development of industrial group "BUDOVA"

History and main development stages of the company

Construction company “BUDOVA” was founded in 1990 in Odessa city. Since then, a small cooperative has grown into one of the leading construction companies in the region. The idea of an innovative construction company was launched by founders of the firm as the basis of all activities led by the enterprise. In 90s already it was obvious that construction sector in USSR along with certain potential and some strong traditions fell behind the leading countries in the use of new materials and technologies Having established their own enterprise, professionals could escape from the bonds of bureaucracy and to determine ideology, way of development, search algorithm – and not only with the orientation on market offers but also in close contact with domestic science of construction. In those years exactly strong business relationships were established with:

  • Odessa State Academy of Construction and Architecture
  • Kiev Institute of Structural Engineering

In 2002  “BUDOVA” became a collective member of the Ukrainian Academy of Construction

During the years of productive work “BUDOVA” has also established partnership with leading European manufacturers, among which worth mentioning:

  • German company «NOЕ»
  • Italian firm «ЕDILTEСO»
  • Polish firm «VAUTESN» 

As the result of years of search and hard work, “BUDOVA” has developed comprehensive design solution called “Innovative Home”

«Innovation House»  is an ideological , organizational and technological matrix at construction of sites BUDOVA” is the first in Ukraine to start building houses with tunnel formwork. Compared with classical methods of construction, this type of formwork can significantly reduce terms of work – six floors of a new building can be erected in one month, and it’s not theoretical, but practical result of  “BUDOVA

“BUDOVA” builds high-rise residential buildings with fiber-reinforced concrete architectural panels

This makes it possible to save costs and time of construction. Production technology components of facade system is based on years of positive experience of the leading manufacturers in Europe and USA

Modern materials to increase energy efficiency and sound insulation of houses introduced in the European construction, are also widely used in “BUDOVA” residential buildings. Thus, a number of organizational, engineering, and technology solutions enabled the company “BUDOVA” to leave the traditional for successful domestic companies elite segment of house-building to the housing market in middle-class, providing a high level of quality at appropriate cost. This is the guarantee of future not only for the company “BUDOVA“, which must meet a much higher demand compared to the premium-class, but also to the whole country, which has to build many sites of European level.

The company “BUDOVA” is proud with its contribution to the architecture of Odessa

Among the facilities constructed:

  • The Arab Cultural Center
  • Office and residential complex «Napoleon and Josephine»
  • Business Center «Pokrovskiy»
  • Dozens of other facilities of various purposes

“BUDOVA” is the winner of prestigious Ukrainian and international competitions of quality

Following the best traditions in construction, implementation and development of advanced technologies, direct paetneship with the science – these are the three pillars of “BUDOVA” company

Construction Company “BUDOVA” is domestic builder with impeccable reputation.