The basic principles of the construction company "BUDOVA"

Characteristics and working policy of the company

Construction company “Budova” is one of the leading construction companies in Ukraine

Constant aspiration to innovate and introduce new technologies in construction are distinctive feature of the company.

Employees and clients of the “Budova” construction company look into their future with confidence, relying on close cooperation and mutually beneficial partnership Inheriting best traditions of building, implementation and development of advanced technologies, direct partnership with science – these are the three pillars on which “Budova” construction company is based.

Construction company “Budova” working policy

Respect for the Customer:

  • economic  relevancy of construction documents
  • maximum efficiency of investments
  • constructive engagement in emergency situations

Respect for the reputation of the Company:

  • good quality products, unconditionally
  • commercial profit does not have priority when it is an alternative to positive reputation of the Company
  • «solid reserve” of professional education and practical experience
  • the company is a place of permanent employment of its employees

“Construction Company “Budova” is domestic builder with impeccable reputation”.