GRC in Ukraine construction company "Budova"

Products made of GRC

GRC is a modern composite material

Combines high compressive strength, flexural, tensile and impact, and also has a very high resistance to various chemicals and is not subject to corrosion and degradation, as well as non-flammable, having high fire resistance. These characteristics are achieved by reinforcing glass fiber concrete

In terms of the destruction of the GRC can product 15-20 times greater than conventional concrete indicators, which provides for high technical and economic efficiency in the use in building structures, as well as their repair

Company “AFB-Aspect”, founded in 2007, takes its origins from the construction company “BUDOVA”

AFB-Aspect” is the first and still the only certified manufacturer and supplier of products from GRC in Ukraine

Founded in 1990, a construction company “BUDOVA” occupies a leading position in terms of construction and introduction of new technologies among Ukrainian construction companies

Specialists of the construction company “BUDOVA” were the first to use GRC on the territory of Ukraine in civil engineering, as well as to preserve the architectural heritage of Ukraine In close cooperation with the “AFB-Aspect” several residential projects with the use of walling and decorative elements of GRC products were successfully completed

The main activity of “AFB-Aspect” is designing, manufacturing and installation of products from GRC (GRC products)

Specialists of “AFB-Aspectt” work on creating regulatory framework in order to qualify for the production of glass-fiber and its products, the legitimate use in the construction on the territory of Ukraine Production complex  is put into operation with the assistance of British and Spanish experts in the field of GRC from the moment of its inception (1976) The complex is equipped with a brand of English production equipment, technologies of spray-coating and premix manufacturing

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