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Проектирование домов

The designing department of company «BUDOVA» is represented by specialists with high level of training:

  • architects
  • designing engineers
  • engineers on special works

The designing department of the construction company «BUDOVA» offers a complete development cycle, designing of civil and industrial buildings and structures, including:

  • residential complexes
  • shopping and entertainment complexes
  • business centres
  • storage terminals
  • industrial buildings

Types of designing, provided by the construction company «BUDOVA»:

  • architectural and structural design
  • design of engineering systems: water supply and sewerage, heating and ventilation, power supply

Designing department of the construction company «BUDOVA» also provides:

  • the development of pre-projecting decisions of the site
  • designing of any complexity in accordance with applicable rules and regulations
  • use of innovative materials and introduction of modern techniques into the designing process
  • preparing a list of necessary project documentation for approval of the project in confirming organs
  • supervision