The project of a new house - a new word in construction

The project «Innovative House»

Introducing new technologies, the company “BUDOVA” aims to:

  • reduce costs for investors in the construction and operation
  • maximize comfort and quality of constructed facilities
  • reach individual architectural approach and designing solutions

We use only the best European technologies, which comply with international requirements and standards

In our choice we are guided by:

  • reliability
  • durability
  • short periods of construction (after inspection of the site to delivery of customer projects with full budget documentation is not more than 45 working days. Construction is at least 4-5 stories per month)
  • level of comfort and noise insulation
  • architectural expressiveness
  • high performance characteristics

The facade of the buildings erected on the technology of the project “Innovation House” is created from the architectural panel systems of GRC “ASX” and has the same insulating power as a layer of masonry 640 mm thick, so you enjoy your warm winter and cool summer there

Construction company “BUDOVA” has conducted a series of researches:

  • In the process of implementing structural layout of buildings of reinforced concrete, with transverse and longitudinal load-bearing walls and exterior walls are not load-bearing, which is implemented in using the tunnel formwork
  • Experimental and theoretical investigation of two 24-storey buildings with monolithic concrete walls in order to determine the range of buildings in seismic hazardous areas (7 and 8 on MSK scale)
  • In conjunction with the department of automation research and seismic stability of buildings and structures of the State Scientific-Research Institute of Structural Engineering, Laboratory of Building and Architectural Acoustics held a range of activities to determine the acoustic characteristics of the residential building construction industry using this method of construction. As a result of recommendations received, all corresponding measures are provided and all the acoustic parameters of the buildings are in strict compliance with applicable regulations
  • In conjunction with the Department of Building Physics and Resource we conducted work on the energy audit of a residential building
  • At present, a building energy performance certificate is being made, research results will be included in a list of common report of Ministry of Regional Construction to identify perspective structural systems of residential buildings, developed recommendations for the use of advanced building systems based on advanced resource-saving technologies, prefabricated structures, materials and products of domestic production
  • Research Institute of Structural Engineering tests of structural types of products issued, and test reports with recommendations on areas of their application are given
  • application has been sent to the Patent Office of Ukraine for obtaining patents for utility models and inventions (the authors are specialists of the company)
  • completion of procedure of certification of GRC production for compliance with the requirements of UkrSEPRO 

Preparations for accession to the international association of manufacturers of GRC are held

Together with the Research Institute of Structural Engineering the album of technical solutions on usage of GRC is being developped,  that is designed to visually confirm the accordance of products to standards and requirements in Ukraine and provide all possible fields of application.

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