'TIS' LTD - the object of the construction company Budova

“TIS” Ltd. in Yujny Port

“TIS” Ltd. in Yujny Port

Type: Industrial Construction

Location: Odessa region, port waters of Yujny


Limited Liability Company “TRANSINVESTSERVICE” operates cargo terminals in the Maliy Ajalyk estuary, the port area of Yujny, to the north-east of Odessa. Nowadays it is a group of five terminals:

  • TIS-Grain
  • TIS-Fertilizers
  • TIS-Ore
  • TIS-Coal
  • TIS-Container Terminal

As well as infrastructure company “TRANSINVESTSERVICE”

General characteristics: the terminal

Types of work:

  • Design and installation of monolithic reinforced concrete structures
  • facility for handling and storage of bulk cargoes
  • Underground Gallery and Basement of car unloading station
  • station of wagon unloading SRV-4

Year of work: 2004

The data about the object:

Category:Objects of industrial construction

Years of construction:2004

Address:Odessa region, port waters of Yujny

Types of work: Engineering

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