Housing estate in of Brovara (Kiev region)

Residential complex in Brovary city (Kiyv region)

Residential complex in Brovary city (Kiyv region)

Type: residential real estate

Location: Brovary city (Kiyv region)

General characteristics: multiappartment residential building on the territory of the 3rd microregion of IV residential area in Brovary city (Simonenko str., Sobornaya str., Kazatskaya str.)

Types of work: designing

Years of execution of work: 2007 — 2010 years

Technical characteristics:

The project envisaged construction of the following:

  • group of houses of variable height (14-24 floors) with facilities of public use on the ground floor level
  • 9-storey under- and above ground parking

Constructive scheme of buildings:

Constructive scheme of buildings is a monolithic concrete carcass with interior bearing walls.

Basements are of piles with monolithic reinforced concrete grillage

The outer walls of residential floors consist of 400mm thick aerated concrete blocks with further plastering of outside part of the walls with cement-sand mortar and painted with facade paint

Internal load bearing walls are made of reinforced concrete, 200mm and 300 mm thick respectively

The partitions between apartments are made of concrete blocks 200 mm thick

The roll roofing is flat

The data about the object:

Category:Residential real estate

Years of construction:2007 - 2010

Address: Brovary city (Kiyv region)

Types of work: Engineering

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